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 Founded in 2018

MillennialMedia was founded in 2018 by high school students Anusha Chatterjee and Lauren Mok. MillennialMedia serves as an affordable service to help bring technology to local businesses in the Bay Area. 


As frequent consumers of restaurants in San Mateo, CA, we noticed the wide-variety of ethnic foods. After talking to several restaurant owners, it became clear that many of these owners are first generation immigrants. Unfortunately, a multitude of these locally owned businesses do not have websites due to a lack of knowledge in the realm of technology. We decided that showcasing the unique crafts of these delicious eateries on an online platform would be a beneficial way to give back to our community.


In today’s advanced society, technology has become an essential means of communication. With its ability to reach a broader community, MillennialMedia utilizes technology to connect businesses to their customers by providing easy access to information and personalizing their experience.


After collecting data from others in our community, we concluded that Yelp is the most prevalent platform used to find restaurants. As regular users of this app, we tend to dine at restaurants that have professional and aesthetically pleasing websites. By creating personalized websites with easy access to the menu and prices, we believe it will add value to both the customer experience and customer attraction. 


When constructing each website, we strive to display the unique ambiance of every restaurant through the use of colors, photo editing, and web layout. Every website is created with a one on one relationship with the owners to ensure the website clearly illustrates the restaurant's vision, while also inhabiting a clean and professional look.

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