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In the first step of building a website with a restaurant, we like start with having a casual conversation with the owners discussing the theme that they'd like their website to highlight.


The second step we take in creating a website is taking uniform and aesthetically pleasing photos of the menu with a professional camera. 


For each website, we like to add a Meet the Owners page in order to help customers feel more connected to the restaurant. 


During the editing process, we edit each photo precisely to ensure that the website features a uniform. 


In this stage, we create the website. Each website is customized towards the needs of the restaurant.

Sample Work

Claire's Crunch Cake
San Mateo, CA
Medina Berry Farm
Bay Area, CA
Xiong Family Farms
Bay Area, CA
Mordisko Banh Mi
San Mateo, CA
Snacks Anijotos Mexicano
San Mateo, CA
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